Worldpay has provided notice that the communication infrastructure being used to redirect legacy Worldpay terminals will be shut down at 11:59PM on 12/31/2020.  After this date, any terminal still being directed to Worldpay will stop processing.  Therefore, these ATM’s will need to have the communication settings updated so that they point directly to the CDS platform. If you are utilizing any Worldpay communications number or URL then it will need to change to the CDS number or URL. A new terminal ID is not required, new master keys are not required, and the message header does not need to be changed.

Columbus Data has identified the terminals still being directed to the old Worldpay platform and we’ve attached a list of those terminals to this email.  Next time you are at the machine, please take a few moments to change the following settings:

If on dial-up:

  • Change Communication ID to CDSAA0
  • Change 1st host phone number to 1-866-923-3806
  • Change 2nd host phone number to 1-866-433-4608

If on TCP/IP:

  • Change Communication ID to CDSAA0
  • Change host address #1 to and host port #1 to 6965
  • Change host address #2 to and host port #2 to 6965

If you need additional help, please refer to the programming guides found on the Columbus Data website.  They are located on the “Download Documents” report under the “Terminals” tab.  You can always feel free to also call into our support team at 1-800-424-5340 option 3 and a technician can quickly walk you through the changes.

Again, the deadline for this change is the end of this year.  This should allow ample time to make these quick changes, so please plan accordingly.

Thank you,