ATMs Benefit Merchants

ATMs increase annual sales for merchants through impulse buys and build dedicated repeat traffic from cardholders. In addition, they create a reliable stream of income from transaction fees. 

ATMs benefit cardholders by providing the convenience to withdraw cash anytime, anywhere. Likewise, they offer the ability to monitor and manage bank accounts through balance inquiries and transfers.

eGlobal offers transaction processing for merchant-owned ATMs.

Consumer Demand Increasing For ATMs

Currently, there are over 470,000 ATMs deployed in the United States.  Why is the total number of ATMs increasing?

  • Convenient 24×7 access to bank accounts
  • Proven steady consumer usage
  • Increase in governmental benefit cards (EBT)
  • Reliance on self-service technology
  • Proven consumer surcharge acceptance
  • Steady residual income for merchants

Superior ATM Merchant Services

As a Grant Victor company, eGlobal offers compelling advantages over its competition. These include proprietary technologies, strategic industry partnerships, and complimentary subsidiaries within Grant Victor.

ATM services for merchants of all types with Genmega and Hysoung terminals.