Merchant Operated ATMs

eGlobal provides ATM service programs to meet the unique needs of each merchant large and small throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

You Can Operate & Earn Profits On ATMs

Operating an ATM is a great way to generate residual income and eGlobal makes owning and operating them simple. Our tailored ATM programs can accommodate services for a single ATM, or for an entire fleet of them.

We manage everything from installation to connectivity and cash loading, or we can split ATM management of services with you. And, if you don’t wish to own the ATM, eGlobal can supply machines for your location through one of our Full-service ATM Placement Programs.

ATM Business FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about operating your own ATM.

Who can own and/or operate an ATM?

Anyone! eGlobal can provide full turnkey placement and management of ATMs for your property with shared revenue, or you can purchase and maintain your own ATMs while processing through eGlobal.

How long does it take to setup ATM services?

eGlobal can register and have an ATM terminal linked to the networks the same day that the request is submitted. No other Independent Service Provider (ISO) has a turnaround time this quick.

Does eGlobal charge fees?

Unlike many other ISOs, eGlobal has no hidden fees. No application fee, no registration fee, no terminal change fee, no minimum transaction penalty. eGlobal charges a straight-forward processing fee that is deducted from the surcharge revenue. For more details, please request fee pricing.

Do I have to own an ATM to be an eGlobal Market Partner?

No. While you are welcome to purchase and own your ATM, eGlobal can supply ATM terminals for a variety of properties through tailored service plans.

How much does an ATM cost?

eGlobal is one of the only ATM companies that lists product pricing online. We support all major makes and models of ATMs through our sister company, Visit their site for ATM Pricing.

What if there is a problem with the machine?

eGlobal’s Operation Support team maintains a 99.99% uptime of all ATM portfolios. If service is needed, we utilize proprietary technologies and well-defined processes to minimize ATM downtime. Review and escalation procedures are also in place to keep you in the loop.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the New Market Partner Request form using the button below. Once approved, you will receive an ATM Operator and Source of Funds Agreement form to register the individual or company to be operating the ATM. eGlobal representatives are also available to walk you through the process of becoming an ATM Operator.

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