Grant Victor ATM Company

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Kaysville, Utah, Grant Victor is the foremost retail-style ATM service and solutions provider in North America. Grant Victor wholly owns four strategic business units, eGlobal ATM Services, NextBranch, NextATM, and TetraLink. Together, this family of companies facilitates the access and convenience to cash in the consumer marketplace.

NextBranch offers managed ATM and branch transformation services to financial institutions including core integration with a robust transaction set, Cash Recycling ATMs, Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs), Video Teller, ATM acquisition, machine installation/replacement, systems monitoring, cash loading, alerts, and more.

NextATM is North America’s leading wholesale supplier of retail ATM machines, parts, and supplies. They are more than just an exceptional ATM industry website. They also consist of an extensive repair service center repairing most brands of ATM components.

TetraLink Logo

TetraLink is one of the leading Authorized Resellers of Nautilus Hyosung and Genmega financial ATMs and branch transformation technologies. TetraLink provides an unparalleled full-service solution for ATM equipment, parts, supplies, and component-level repairs.

eGlobal ATM Services

eGlobal offers managed ATM services for a variety of industries including, Convenience, Hospitality, and Retail. eGlobal also offers managed ATM services and branch conversion in the Financial Institution industries.