Dear eGlobal Affiliates and Partners,

As the Coronavirus outbreak unfolds, we at eGlobal want to reassure you that we have a strong business continuity plan in place to cope with the situation.  Employees of eGlobal ATM have the resources to work remotely and continue on with business as usual.  Our customer and technical support staffs also remain at your disposal and there should be no interruption of service during this time.  We understand that cash is becoming ever-more important in this changing economic environment.  As such, we want to ensure that you have all of the resources needed to continue operating your ATM portfolio.

Many of you service properties that belong to eGlobal national accounts.  As you can imagine, the closing of certain establishments like restaurants, bars, conference centers, etc. has affected transaction volumes in certain segments of our business.  With that being said, there have been no major closure notices issued from our major retail chains, C-store accounts, hospitality accounts, etc.   At this time, we ask that you please continue to monitor cash levels and adjust them accordingly.  If there are changes made to business hours at these properties, we will be sure to notify you directly.

As you continue cash loading and servicing your ATM’s, we ask that you please follow the CDC guidelines regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.  We’ve included some additional recommendations below:

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces daily. That includes screens, keypads, cabinet doors, handles and locks.
  • Ask your Merchant customers to please make sure to clean/disinfect their countertops and other consumer touchpoints daily (doorknobs/POS terminals/restrooms/etc.) – and ask for them to help by disinfecting the main touchpoints on their/your ATMs as part of their daily cleaning regimen (which should only take a minute or two).
  • You may wish to post signage at the ATM indicating the cleaning routine being used to keep the terminal safe and disinfected.
  • Always wash hands after handling money.
  • Raise cash load amounts to reduce the number of replenishment trips.

Lastly, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  We are ready and available to address any challenges that may arise.  Furthermore, we have been given similar reassurances from our processors, couriers, suppliers and other partners that business will continue on as usual.

Thank you,