Dear eGlobal Affiliates and Partners,

We hope this message finds you and your families doing well and staying healthy.  As we continue to cope with the unfolding Covid-19 situation, eGlobal is committed to keeping you updated and informed.  As mentioned in last week’s message, eGlobal is carrying on with business as usual.  Our employees have the capability to work remotely and there should be no interruption of service during this time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  In the meantime, we have put together some information that you might find helpful:

Government Relief for Businesses
Last night, Congress approved a stimulus program that offers relief to small businesses.  Be sure to research the details of this legislation and see how it can help your business during this time.  Keep in mind that your local state may offer assistance programs as well.

Helpful Reminders: 

  • Cash is still safe and desirable during uncertain times.  Along with everyone in the industry, we are working hard to ensure cash is available throughout this crisis.  Cash is “no dirtier” than most surfaces such as cell phones, table tops, and door knobs.

Take Advantage of the Downtime. Due to the closure of many businesses, now is a great time to update your terminals and take advantage of new software packages being offered by the manufacturers and processors.  Here is a list of updates you’ll want to consider making at your terminals:

  • Update your terminals to the latest software version
  • Enable Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).  When enabled, additional revenue is generated on international transactions.  Ask your eGlobal account rep for more details.
  • Install ATM+ Software.  This proprietary software was released by Columbus Data and gives you access to Visa and MasterCard DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) , BBI (Better Balance Inquiry), Credit Card Segmentation as well as International Credit Card Segmentation.  Please reach out to your eGlobal account rep for more details and to receive a copy of the software.
    • Visa and MasterCard DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) – allows the cardholder to know exactly the amount being withdrawn in their own currency and earn additional income.
    • BBI (Better Balance Inquiry) – prompts cardholder to check their balance first, allowing you to earn additional interchange and increase transactions.
    • Credit Card Segmentation – allows you to charge an additional fee on top of surcharge on Credit Card Withdrawals.
    • International Revenue Segmentation – allows you to charge an additional fee on top of surcharge on International cardholder withdrawals, which allows you to make up for lower or negative interchange.
  • There are still a handful of terminals that haven’t been upgraded for EMV.  Take this time to upgrade the card reader on any non-EMV terminal.
  • Consider using remote monitoring software to manage your terminals.  Hyosung offers MoniView and Genmega offers GenRMS.  Both of these platforms allow you to remote into a terminal to pull journals, install new software, initialize the dispenser, etc.  This could greatly reduce your operating costs since it would eliminate the need to physically visit the terminal to perform certain tasks.
  • Redirect any legacy Worldpay terminal to the Columbus Data platform.  Worldpay will be discontinuing their communication platform on 12/31/2020.  Therefore, any terminal still programmed with their communication settings will need to be updated.  Instructions on how to make the changes, along with a list of affected terminals, will be sent directly to you from the eGlobal team by the end of this week.

As always, we appreciate your business.  We look forward to getting through this crisis together and coming out stronger than ever.

Thank you,