Dear Valued Market Partner,

Below is a technical bulletin from Genmega and we wanted to pass it along to you in case you were not aware of the date issue they are experiencing on some of their machines. This issue affects any Genmega or Hantle ATM using the ACU6 mainboard and has caused the date to change from 2020 to 2080. As a result, transactions will be incorrectly recorded on the processor and in the journal log of the machine. For those partners using the Columbus Data platform, the date is sent in the return message protocol so those machines should update themselves on a transaction.  With that being said, please be sure to double check your machines and call our eGlobal technical support team if you have any questions.

Genmega Bulletin:

This bulletin is to inform you of a problem that unfortunately occurred over New Years as the year switched to 1/1/2020.  Instead the year value incremented to 2080.

Which machines are affected ?

Any Genmega / Hantle ATM using ACU6 mainboard.  This is not an AP software issue, so all versions of software would have the same symptom. ATM with ACU1/3/5 mainboards are not affected.

What happened ?

As the calendar date changed from 2019 to 2020 – a bug in the clock caused the year to change to 2080.

As a result – if your processor required certificate verification – the date being off causes that verification to fail. Obviously the wrong year will also affect reporting / journals, so the year should be corrected as soon as possible.

How do we fix this ?

If you manually set the year at the ATM to 2020 – the problem will be resolved.

We’ve since tested all future date changes and this bug only exists in the 19 to 20 switch.

Resetting the year can be done with any level of Password (Operator / Service / Master)

To change the date from the OP menu go to System Setup –> Set Clock –> Set Year (change to 2020)

Can I use RMS to update my machines ?

Yes, however there specific instructions to do this:

If you have bidirectional communication with your machines – you can send an outbound job to set the date / time.  Job –> Set Time –> Sync with RMS Server. However if you can only communicate when your ATMs call into RMS (Inbound Only) then you need to follow a different procedure.

Create a job to ‘Send File’ – there is a patch file (.BIN) you can download here:

– this is just like sending new AP software to your ATM – but this just changes the year.

This can be loaded to individual machines or a group – however you need to make sure that you’re only sending this patch to ACU6 machines. You will see an onscreen warning before sending the file – once you verify that only ACU6

Once that is file is uploaded to your machines it changes the date to 2020 automatically.