eGlobal provides ATM service programs to meet the unique needs of each merchant large and small throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Why Merchants Chose eGlobal?

Tailored Programs— eGlobal offers a comprehensive set of solutions to meet each merchants objectives, including options that range from turn-key full ATM placements to merchant-owned ATMs with transaction processing only.

Market Expertise—eGlobal provides unparalleled ATM service expertise in key market segments, including
Convenience, and Retail.

Service Commitment—eGlobal maintains exceptionally high standards by delivering their customers a guaranteed performance Uptime of 99.99%, in addition to free 24x7 multilingual customer support. 

Superior Strengths—eGlobal offers compelling advantages over its competition by being a Grant Victor company.  These distinguishable advantages include scale, proprietary technologies, and key strategic industry partnerships.

Compliance --eGlobal installs, operates and manages only PCI and ADA compliant machines, routinely inspects ATMs for skimming devices and deploys equipment specially designed to prevent compromise of any component by an outside device.


Did you know?

Four of the ten largest Hotel Groups of the World choose eGlobal as their preferred ATM vendor for their U.S. properties.

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