eGlobal provides ATM services throughout all of North America to various sectors in the hospitality industry, including lodging and accommodations, restaurants, transportation providers, vacation resorts, convention centers and more. eGlobal understands that the "one size fits all" philosophy does not work within the hospitality industry. Rather, eGlobal provides tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each property, including providing custom ATM cabinetry to compliment d├ęcor of location, providing and managing multiple ATMs at larger properties, and forecasting service needs based on fluctuating occupancies and demand.

eGlobal consults with hospitality clients on optimal ATM placement for every location, depending on property type, seasonality and traffic-flow patterns. An effective ATM is both highly visible to guests and conveniently satisfies the impulse to withdraw cash for food, entertainment, gratuities, transportation and on-site, cash-dependent needs. Guests appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to access cash when they need it.

Custom cabinets, or thru-the-wall build-outs, are integral parts of our ATM solution.  Specific characteristics, such as color, material, and available space are carefully considered prior to the final recommendation.



Four of the ten largest Hotel Groups of the World choose
eGlobal as their preferred ATM vendor for their U.S. properties.

Our Clients Include
eGlobal provides services to such nationally known clients as the following: