The eGlobal Way

Embedded in the eGlobal culture are six core values that define a Grant Victor company: Commitment, Integrity, Safety, Customer Service, Innovation and Work Ethic. As an organization, eGlobal practically applies these values while choosing stretch goals over the status quo, opportunities over obstacles, empowerment over micromanagement, strategy over shortsightedness and fluidity over flexibility.

Together with Grant Victor's other strategic business units, eGlobal is focused on the business of synergistically pursuing opportunities and creating solutions that facilitate the access and the convenience to cash in the consumer marketplace. An active Board Member of the ATM Industry Association, eGlobal not only is a player in several of the legislative actions surrounding the retail placement of ATM devices but also is proactive in the movement to sustain a vibrant ATM and financial payment industry.


At eGlobal, we regard our company to be much more than a mere ATM operator; we are an industry-leading independent sales organization, one of the largest in the nation and one that puts heavy emphasis on "independent." We fervently reserve our independence to think like entrepreneurs, to adapt to achieve our objectives, to invest in our associates, to innovate for the future and, above all, to act on our passion to help our customers maximize returns on their ATMs. We acknowledge that our success comes only after the success of our customers-turned-Raving Fans, and we strive to serve their long-term interests, providing financial security, lasting value and partnership for a prosperous future.