Bill Payment

eGlobal has a network of self-service bill payment kiosks branded PayStations.  The PayStations allow for the convenient payment of over 300-plus of the most common consumer bills including cell phones, utilities, cable, satellite, credit cards, and more.  In addition, the PayStations allow for customers to reload prepaid debit cards, a feature growing in popularity.
How Do PayStations Work?

PayStations are much like ATMs in that they are self service devices using simple intuitive steps that can be completed within just 30 seconds, are convenient and accessible 24/7, and that post transactions instantly to customers accounts.  Customers step up to the PayStations and input their phone number or account number, review amount owed on screen, verify information, insert payment method (cash or debit), and walk away feeling confident that their payment was made timely and secure.  Like an ATM, customers pay a reasonable convenience fee for this service.

What Benefits Do PayStations Provide?
ConsumerPayStations benefit consumers by allowing them the convenience of paying all their bills 24/7, with cash or debit, up to the day the payment is due.  PayStations are simple to use and provide cost savings to customers, reducing their need to purchase money orders and relinquish funds to billing companies days in advance of billing cycles.

MerchantsPayStations benefit merchants by increasing foot traffic in their stores and providing a very unique service that is not widely offered by competitor locations, building dedicated repeat traffic from customers.


Where do PayStations Work Best?

PayStations do best in 24/7 high traffic convenience stores.  PayStations installed next to the ATM and near the front doors increase the probability of success.  Demographics of the customer base for each location do impact the usage including percentage of non-banked cash preferred customers, percentage of Hispanic population, and which mobile network carriers are most prominent in market.


PayStations Remove the Headache From Paying Bills:

1. Pay bills the day they are due
2. Avoid expensive money orders
3. Pay with cash or debit
4. Convenient locations 24/7